Claire has been a fitness professional for over 30 years and is highly skilled and qualified in her field. As owner of Renu, she is very passionate about health and wellbeing and has first-hand experience on all the challenges women face in the modern world.

Claire will be offering monthly workshops where you can learn more about how to keep in shape, and feel your best as well as learn a new workout routine to use in the gym.

10 Reasons Why You Can’t Loose Weight
Aug: Thurs 15 th 6:30pm & Mon 19 th 9:30am

  • Find out about the hidden reasons why your scales won’t move.

Pelvic Floor Health
Sept: Thurs 19 th 6:30pm & Mon 30 th 9:30am

  • What it does, look after it and exercises to help.

Skin Wellbeing
Sept: Wed 25 th 11:30am

  • Learn about the ways to help your skin cope
    with the effects of aging and dehydration.

Dealing With the Menopause
Oct: Thurs 17 th 6:30pm & Mon 21 st 9:30am

  • Simple solutions to the challenges you face and ways to look after your body.
  • Beat the Bulge for Christmas
    Nov: Mon 4 th 9:30am & Thurs 7 th 6:30pm
  • Top tips to enjoy the season and avid weight gain.

The Secrets of Anti-Ageing
Dec: Mon 2 nd 9:30am & Thurs 5 th 6:30

  • How a healthy lifestyle can help hold back the years.