I’ve done my fair share of travelling, but I still think you can’t beat England when the weather is right …. but it so unpredictable.  An unexpected, unseasonal bout of warm weather can see us squeezing into our shorts and exposing our ‘milk bottle legs’ for a week or two, only to have them wrapped back up in woolly tights and baggy sweaters a day or so later.

For many of us, our first outing of last year’s summer wardrobe can be a bit daunting.  Those few pounds of extra winter padding, exposed against a pale skins, can leave a lot to be desired.  Colours that suit us in the sunshine don’t always look as appealing after the dark winter nights.  So, how do you minimise the damage, and make the most of the sunshine when it arrives without buying a new wardrobe and burning yourself to a frazzle in the short window you have to enjoy the sunshine?

Firstly, try to resist the temptation of shopping for the next size up.  An uncomfortable waistband is a great reminder not to over-indulge at the barbecues.  Root out a nice loose top to cover the bulges, whilst you drink plenty of water, get more active and eat fresh, healthy summer foods.

The average inch-loss in our ladies gym programme is eight inches in six weeks, so you can make a difference really quickly with the right advice and help.

Second, fake tanning products can be your best friend at this time of the year.  We absolutely love “Fake Bake Flawless Gold Serum”.  This contains coconut oil and is really hydrating on the skin, with the faint smell of nothing but coconut.  It is completely organic with no parabens, and works with your natural skin tone to give an extremely natural sun-kissed glow.  No stickiness or streaks!  Our therapists are happy to advise you on this.

Lastly, if we do get a heatwave, please remember your sunscreen.  Whilst a little sun and precious vitamin D is good for us, too much exposure is dangerous.

If you would like advice on the best tanning product for your skin, or how to start our gym programme, please call us today on 01778 423923 or book your free gym trial here.